David McGillivray

Professor, interested in events, culture, digital participation & sport.


Participatory Action Research in the Field

Earlier this year, along with colleagues from the School of Media, Culture & Society at UWS, I led the delivery of a doctoral training course on participatory action research for social sciences and arts and humanities students from across Scotland. The course was designed to be interactive, learning from doctoral students undertaking PAR-related work and…

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Always on (them): Digital and Social Media Use in Education

Extending my recent research and practice around the affordances of digital culture, I’m hosting an event on the 16th June at University of the West of Scotland focused on the school setting and the transformations being brought about in traditional approaches to learning enabled (and constrained) by digital tools and practices. Powered by Eventbrite  


Harnessing the power: Social Media in HE and beyond

Having participated in a few ‘events’ relating to social media over the last week or so, I thought it necessary to blog about the status of social media use in HE and how we can learn from what is happening outside of the ivory towers that we (app…


Controlling content: Social Media, HE and the Regulatory Urge

It’s been a while…my self-imposed break from blogging about all things #highered, #socialmedia and #olympics has now come to an end and I have new content to share with you all today.The motivation for this post came from a blog post I read earl…


Mobility in Education: Redefining Learning Tasks

On Friday I attended a session at the University of Edinburgh hosted by Apple on mobility in education (not students changing courses!). I was representing my institution at the event but there were a number of issues which are worth drawing to yo…


Social media for learning and teaching

I started working at the University of the West of Scotland three weeks ago with a remit to pursue research towards the UK research excellence framework and to promote innovation in Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Business and Creative Ind…


Some ruminations on EventScotland’s international event management conference

On Tuesday I attended my second EventScotland conference held at the beautiful Perth Concert Hall. Given that the event is trailed mainly as an opportunity for the industry to come together, academia has been relatively poorly represented, at leas…