David McGillivray

Professor, interested in events, culture, digital participation & sport.


Controlling content: Social Media, HE and the Regulatory Urge

It’s been a while…my self-imposed break from blogging about all things #highered, #socialmedia and #olympics has now come to an end and I have new content to share with you all today.The motivation for this post came from a blog post I read earl…


#media2012, Mega Events & New Media: Reflections from Aarhus

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Play the Game “Challenges for Football” conference at Aarhus University. Hosted by the Active Institute, I was invited to present a keynote on the theme of mega events and new media, with a particular …


Associations and Affiliations: Re-energising the Academy

This post is motivated by my experiences over the last few days with two academic membership associations I’m affiliated with. Both experiences were generally positive, but I was left thinking that they could have been so much better had we been a…


Mobility in Education: Redefining Learning Tasks

On Friday I attended a session at the University of Edinburgh hosted by Apple on mobility in education (not students changing courses!). I was representing my institution at the event but there were a number of issues which are worth drawing to yo…


#SELT by stealth

As some of you regular followers may have noticed from the stream of #SELT tweets emerging from the University of the West of Scotland yesterday, I was hosting a SELT (Student Experience, Learning & Teaching) forum event which was created to engag…


The New Media Academic

Coming across an article in the Times Higher this week titled ‘Inside Higher Ed: An open, digital professoriat’ got me thinking about the role of the academic researcher, and educator, in these times and how this might impact on my own institution…

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