David McGillivray

Professor, interested in events, culture, digital participation & sport.


Mega events and the territorialisation of urban space

This blog is cross posted from the Urban Studies Journal blog space I’ve just completed a short project with Dr Matt Frew to produce a vodcast accompanying an article just published in the Urban Studies Journal.  The article is concerned with ongoing research into the relationship between major sporting events (particularly mega events), urban space and…

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The ‘Live’ Olympics: The urban form as a venue

It’s been a few weeks now since the Olympics ended with a less than impressive live event which still garnered huge public interest on a global level. During the Olympics (some thoughts on the Paralympics later), along with Matt Frew and Jennifer …


Over determined spaces: From Live Sites to Olympic Venues

Working alongside my colleague Matt Frew (aka @graffiticloud) on Olympic Live Site research (www.researchinglivesites.net) I’ve been in London for two days now wandering around Olympic venues and experiencing the Live Sites and Celebration events …


Mixed Reality at Mega Events: Bringing The Games to You?

Just in time. As we near the end of 2011, I was asked to submit an article to the online journal Culture@the Olympics, edited by Professor Andy Miah and Dr Beatriz Garcia. In the past, several prominent academic colleagues have advised never to sa…