David McGillivray

Professor, interested in events, culture, digital participation & sport.


The process of academic publication: worth it in the end?

Let’s just say it took a while to complete…! Today is a bit of a watershed for me having finally received delivery of two shiny new copies of my first full (co) authored book, Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy. If you’ve just clicked on the …


The Olympic Clean CIty: A Critique

Reading a blog post entitled, ‘The Olympic Super Brands take over London’ by former BBC sports editor Mihir Bose, got me thinking about one of the main arguments in my Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy book which is published by Routledge at t…


Associations and Affiliations: Re-energising the Academy

This post is motivated by my experiences over the last few days with two academic membership associations I’m affiliated with. Both experiences were generally positive, but I was left thinking that they could have been so much better had we been a…


Events and the limits of democracy

Over recent months, I’ve been involved in a number of research projects that have, at their core, a concern with the way the events policy terrain has developed in the last decade and, perhaps more importantly, where it is headed. Projects involvi…


Creating Creative Scotland: The Dilemma

Yesterday, I attended a workshop hosted by Scotland’s National Events Agency, EventScotland, at the MacDonald Holyrood House Hotel in the shadow of the Scottish Parliament. The event was titled Homecoming Legacy: The Road to 2014 and was designed …


Event Dimensions

Today was spent writing a chapter for my co-authored text Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy which is due for publication in 2011. My specific focus today was to expand on my co-authors’ ideas about what we’re terming three dimensions of events…

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