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New (academic) year, new research output

For most people September is nearer the end as opposed to the start of the year but in academia this is the period when new students arrive and continuing students return. So, for us academics, it’s a good time to have completed research articles penned during the summer and to attend that one last conference before the teaching term commences. In this post, I want to reflect on a really productive summer of fieldwork in Canada and highlight a couple of articles now published that build on the work I’ve been involved in over the last year or two.

In early August, I had the pleasure of visiting Canada for the fourth time (I’d previously visited Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto) to undertake extensive fieldwork as part of the Leveraging Parasport Events for Sustainable Community Participation project I’ve been working on with Dr Laura Misener (Western University), Dr David Legg (Mount Royal University) and my UWS colleague, Professor Gayle McPherson. Having undertaken fieldwork around the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games (and integrated parasport event), we were in Toronto to observe and gather survey data at the Parapan American Games.

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Whilst our visit to Toronto was focused on gathering more data which we’ll turn into publications and knowledge acceleration work in due course, we have recently published the first article from the study, focused around the agenda of leveraging. The article is available for download here.

Another major project I’ve led, Digital Commonwealth, which I’ve talked about regularly in this blog is also coming to an end. We’ve published a range of academic and practice outputs from this project (check out website) but we’re now focused on producing more ‘traditional’ academic outputs and were delighted to have our first article published in August 2015, focused on Young People, Digital Media Making and Critical Digital Citizenship.  There’s a book chapter and another journal article to come over the next fews months. Keep abreast of both these projects by following me @dgmcgillivray.

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David McGillivray • September 18, 2015

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