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Archiving Digital Storytelling and Digital Learning

As lead on the Digital Commonwealth project I’m fortunate to be able to facilitate the coming together of some really creative and committed people in the field of community media, the third sector and those interested in the impact of the digital on the way we tell stories. To that end, over the course of the last week I’ve have the pleasure of contributing to two fabulous events where practitioners, academics, teachers and policy makers have worked collaboratively to co-create solutions to the some of the challenges that the digital sphere presents to existing ways of working.
The first event was hosted by my institution and focused on Archiving Digital Storytelling. This theme emerged from an email I received at the end of 2014 asking me to send National Library of Scotland links to our Digital Commonwealth website to ensure it could be archived as part of an open archive being developed as part of the Commonwealth Games 2014 legacy. Whilst we had already been thinking about the practices and procedures involved in archiving digital content as part of our project, this request got me thinking about other agencies and organisations we’ve been working with, especially those in the third sector and their preparedness to support the NLS request.  We decided the best way to discuss these issues was through the vehicle of an event and we had 50 people attend our Paisley Campus, focusing on the technical, legal/ethical and skill/competency requirements when archiving stories produced with and for communities. Here is a Storify summary of the rich discussions that took place.
A related ‘Digital Learning Day’ took place on Saturday 21st March, hosted by Education Scotland, for social studies teachers from across Scotland. I was invited, along with my colleague Jennifer Jones, to deliver a keynote on our Digital Commonwealth schools programme. 50 enthusiastic teachers and attended the day and it was great to see how many of them are thinking of, or are already using, digital media as a means of enhancing their teaching practice. The slides we presented are available here.


Finally, the third Digital Commonwealth related dissemination opportunity I’m involved in is the Pararchive Conference in Leeds. This event brings together academics, librarians, creative practitioners and the like to talk about the impact of the digital (but not exclusively so) on the capturing, recording and preserving of our cultural memories. All go here!



David McGillivray • March 26, 2015

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