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Memories FC: Knowledge Exchange in action


Last week I participated in a very valuable two-day public conference organised by the Scottish Football Reminiscence Project, Memories FC (@Memories_FC) of which I am a member of the steering group. My involvement is primarily concerned with looking into the cultural dimensions of football and its importance as a means of invoking collective memories for men in Scotland, in particular (though not exclusively so). The project is an example of a meaningful partnership, with the steering group made up of academics (from Glasgow Caledonian University, University of the West of Scotland, Northumbria University), Alzheimer Scotland and the Scottish Football Museum. It also had public engagement built in from the start and hosted three public/community conferences at Hampden Park, Glasgow attended by people living with dementia, their families and carers.  The ‘impact’ (using the HEFCE definition here) from this project has been significant, generating a body of evidence showing the value of football reminiscence therapy in triggering memories for those with early onset dementia. Outside of the academic impacts, the project has also engaged with football clubs, developed a usable football reminiscence facility at Hampden PArk, established community coffee events which will continue in the future and produced an accessible literature review on the ongoing importance of football culture to the Scottish psyche.  Overall, it’s been a great project to be part of and, for me, represents an exemplar for how underpinning academic research can generate impacts beyond academia.  The two Storify posts will give you more of a flavour of the most recent events and their wider impacts

[View the story “Memories FC Public Conference Day 1” on Storify]

[View the story “Memories FC conference Day 2” on Storify]

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David McGillivray • December 5, 2012

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