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#CitizenRelay, @UWSInteractive and students as producers


We’re using social media actively to push the message about #CitizenRelay (@CitizenRelay) and this approach has also borne fruit in what I would describe as the ‘sister event’ that I’m also heavily involved in at the moment. UWSInteractive Festival (@UWSInteractive), directed by our very own Jennifer Jones runs across UWS’ four campuses at the start of March and within the programme I’m responsible for co-ordinating a set of social media surgeries for students.  These surgeries are being staffed by staff and students, a community of practice around social media in the university.  Student champions, working closely with the UWS Student Association and staff from service departments including the UWS Library (@UWSlibrary) and Careers (@UWSElink, demonstrate that innovation and collaboration is possible across a multi-campus institution. Which brings me to the last phrase in the title of this post. The involvement of students in the initiatives discussed here reflects the commitment of a group of staff ay my institution to embrace the ethos behind student as producer.  Rather than be passive consumers of the educational products we provide, the CitizenRelay and UWSInteractive Festival are build on the foundation of student empowerment and creativity – allied to the liberation of staff from their restricted frame of reference too.  We’re affecting the conditions of possibility – get involved if you can. 


David McGillivray • February 23, 2012

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