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#media2012 and the Scottish Question

Since I arrived at my current institution in November I’ve become more involved in the #media2012 (http://www.media2012.org.uk/) agenda which Professor Andy Miah and Jennifer Jones of UWS (amongst others) have been promoting around the UK in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. This post provides a short update on where we’re at with a Scottish ‘hub’ and some questions for you as we move forward.

The 2012 Olympics is a contentious event at the best of times but in Scotland it creates both hostility and apathy at one and the same time. Hostility from those who believe that Lottery monies have been repatriated to the South East and apathy from those who think the event is not for them. How can the #media2012 agenda intermediate between hostility and apathy in a way that creates generates interest and content which could proved the platform for a continuing #media2014 discussion? Here are a few possibilities:

1. Creating a Scottish ‘space’ (a venue, for example) which provides a focal point for those interested in citizen media around Games time (say @CCA_Glasgow)?

2. A network of university and college students across Scotland (perhaps through the Skillset Media Academy network which UWS takes a lead in) managing #media2012 content in Scotland, tied in with their curriculum. An educational lead (a student) in each college university is appointed and can accrue work-related learning in the process. Students develop content using approaches like @jennifermjones alternative web production module.

3. Link ups between #media2012 and micro-local news agencies across Scotland (e.g. STV Local http://m.local.stv.tv/ or Evening Times Community http://newlands.eveningtimes.co.uk/).

4. Creation of a network of community media platforms (e.g. Transform TV http://www.transform-tv.com/ or Hebrides TV http://hebrides.tv/) feeding into the main #media2012 platform.

Of course, it maybe that we (you) want all or none of these. Whilst we want #media2012 to be a citizen media concept, we need people (and place – physical or virtual) to make it work. Would love to hear your thoughts…

David McGillivray • March 25, 2011

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