David McGillivray

Professor, interested in events, culture, digital participation & sport.


Mobility in Education: Redefining Learning Tasks

On Friday I attended a session at the University of Edinburgh hosted by Apple on mobility in education (not students changing courses!). I was representing my institution at the event but there were a number of issues which are worth drawing to yo…


#media2012 and the Scottish Question

Since I arrived at my current institution in November I’ve become more involved in the #media2012 (http://www.media2012.org.uk/) agenda which Professor Andy Miah and Jennifer Jones of UWS (amongst others) have been promoting around the UK in the l…


Degrees of success: Events Education Explained

That title took longer to write than the remainder of this post, but then it’s been an interesting last few days for me attending a number of related events which have each featured some element of education and industry coming together (sometimes…


#SELT by stealth

As some of you regular followers may have noticed from the stream of #SELT tweets emerging from the University of the West of Scotland yesterday, I was hosting a SELT (Student Experience, Learning & Teaching) forum event which was created to engag…


Stuart Hepburn at SELT

Taken with picplz.