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It’s in production!


That’s the book I’m co-authoring, by the way. It has finally reached the production department at Routledge and should be in the stores by the end of July 2011, all going well. To catch a glimpse of what’s to look forward to go to (http://bit.ly/guF0q5) and you’ll get a snippet of what we’re trying to say. We’re also hopeful of making a ‘slightly controversial’ contemporary policy piece in the Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure & Events (http://bit.ly/guF0q5) on the direction of event policy globally over the next few years. Both outputs will hopefully help to establish the the study of a distinct phenomenon of event policy in public discourse and in many courses in event management and related subjects. There is certainly a need for more critical commentaries on public understanding of the ‘impact’ of major sporting and cultural events and we hope to spark this debate come the end of the Summer when the world’s libraries will be fully stocked with the distinctive cover of Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy.

David McGillivray • February 16, 2011

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