David McGillivray

Professor, interested in events, culture, digital participation & sport.


Open Innovation in a closed system

On Wednesday afternoon I ‘attended’ a webinar (virtually) for the first time. It was hosted by Get Ambition (check out theTwitter chat #getambition @livestream) http://livestre.am/FZA. This post represents my own personal reflections on the themes…


Discussing Creative Summer Tour

Taken with picplz.


Creating Creative Scotland: The Dilemma

Yesterday, I attended a workshop hosted by Scotland’s National Events Agency, EventScotland, at the MacDonald Holyrood House Hotel in the shadow of the Scottish Parliament. The event was titled Homecoming Legacy: The Road to 2014 and was designed …


It’s in production!

That’s the book I’m co-authoring, by the way. It has finally reached the production department at Routledge and should be in the stores by the end of July 2011, all going well. To catch a glimpse of what’s to look forward to go to (http://bit.ly/g…


Collaborate to Compete: A debate

This week I came across the HEFCE funded project, Collaborate to Compete, which takes as its focus the future of online learning in Higher Education across the UK. I’ll leave you to read through the substantive elements of the document yourself (i…


A post-VLE World?

What will we do without an institutional VLE? Is it something that we should be actively thinking about given that institutions spend heavily on licenses for these environments and their take-up by students is inconsistent? I was asked to think ab…