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Event Dimensions

Today was spent writing a chapter for my co-authored text Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy which is due for publication in 2011. My specific focus today was to expand on my co-authors’ ideas about what we’re terming three dimensions of events. The first dimension refers to events that happen to happen – in the sense that they appear unplanned, although they tend to have intended outcomes. A good example is religious celebrations or pilgrimages. The second dimension refers to events that are made to happen – meaning that they are often created, bid for, managed and planned to achieve externalities for destinations and countries alike. Olympic Games, World Cups and the like represent exemplars of this second dimension. Finally, the third dimension of events refers to those events that happen as a result of other happenings – either as an expression of resistance (e.g. G20 events) or as a commercial response to exploit emerging lifestyle aspirations. In locating these event dimensions within the Event Policy domain we are arguing that there is a policy pull towards the second dimension of events, especially through the exploitation of first dimension events that can produce economic, social and cultural benefits. More to come from this discussion soon. Any comments?


David McGillivray • October 25, 2010

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