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Citizen media and the Glasgow2014 Games

Having attended the #media2012 citizen media blueprint launch last
week it got me thinking about how so much interest is focussed on mega
events and their relative merits and yet many cities are bidding for
and winning second tier events and facing very little resistance
locally to their plans – despite millions being spent on
infrastructure, promotion and the involvement of major corporations.
Glasgow 2014 is a great example. Although their very sucessful charm
offensive, Back the Bid, clearly helped, there was little obvious
resistance to the bid mobilised unlike in Halifax, Canada, where the
local population essetially forced the candidate city’s withdrawal
from the bid competition. I put the lack of resistance down to an
acceptance of the pro-growth urban entrepreneurial discourse in
Glasgow – expectations have been framed since 1990 European Capital of
Culture onwards that this is a consuming city that needs major events
and festivals to showcase its assets. Resistance is futile as the
official version of the future is normalised.

Is there then a place for citizen media around an event like
Glasgow2014? As the funding cuts hit hard will we become more
interested in who wins and who loses out from the investments and who
will tell these stories? I’m not sure 

David McGillivray • October 13, 2010

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